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Original Paintings by Ruth Olivar Millan (Cuca)

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Details of Individual Paintings


All artwork here is acrylic/ mixed media water color 18x24inches 47.5x62.5cm Unframed or framed for the buyer. $950. USA includes shipping and freight charges if you are interested please contact the artist. If your choice is no longer available the artist may have another one from the seris. 
Ruth Olivar Millan has been painting most of her life and has created art in multi-media forms. He art has been given away  to loved ones as gifts but after retiring from the teaching perfession for 35 years Ruth can now call herself a professional artist with shows,exhibitions and numberous awards. Her work can be found worldwide in collections in musuems, galleries .  These are all originals and prides herself that you will never find an authorized print of her work.
If you purchase her paintings you will receive an original painting.
These paintings you are purchasing directly from the artist  no additional overhead means saving for  the buyer and the investor and the artist.